case studies

A deeper dive. 

I gathered a few of my favorite projects to
provide a little more detail.


The goal of the festival is to bring artists, innovators and business leaders together to share ideas, knowledge, and resources to encourage creative and professional growth.

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Using the Cortex API and EmotiveTM SDK, I’m developing a mobile application that works with the Emotiv Insight EEG headset to provide deep user information such as the user’s emotional state, stress level, attention, and focus. 

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Creative Tech Works

Growing up in North Philadelphia I never forgot the impact that active and passive mentors in my community had on my development and my love of art and history. Most of my personal work and a good deal of my professional life involved education in some way or the other. 

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Hopalong Camanshii

Hopalong Camanshii and the Synaptic Kush is a graphic novel project that I created, wrote, and illustrated that explores mythology, cultural and ethnic stereotypes, and the effect technology has on our society. 

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Xfinity Home Security

Early on in the process of Comcast rebranding, their digital services Xfinity™ offered a Home Security option that was not highly promoted on their, then-current, website. I was commissioned to develop a microsite that focused on the benefits of Comcast’s Home Security offerings.

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When Oliver Speaks

A heartfelt story about a young boy who struggles to overcome his stutter while finding the courage to accept it, When Oliver Speaks, is the story of an underdog who learns to rise. The story comes from a place of personal experience in that co-author Saadiq is a person who stutters and has done so for as long as he could speak.

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