The project launched with the Breaking the Code Event in 2014 hosted by my Alma Mater Temple University in the Fox School of Business.

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The event developed into an afterschool / summer program for high school students that we named Creative Tech Works which lasted until 2018.


Dr. Jamie Bracey—Temple’s director of STEM

Beech International

Google Apps in Education 



Creative Director

Program Director / Instructor

Visual Designer

EEG Development

Mobile App Development

Curriculum Design

Breaking the Code / Creative Tech Work Stem Initiatives

Growing up in North Philadelphia I never forgot the impact that active and passive mentors in my community had on my development and my love of art and history. Most of my personal work and a good deal of my professional life involved education in some way or the other. Over the past few years, I’ve worked on programs that would directly target and benefit youth in underserved communities starting with my own in North Philadelphia. It’s an obsession of mine to create awareness of the opportunities in advertising and technology to young men and women of color. I’ve worked with some amazing and talented people over the years and look forward to forging new partnerships in the future with this goal in mind.

Breaking the Code Culture & Cognition Pre-Summit Workshop was developed along with a group of talented artists, educators, and creative thinkers. The Google Education Pennsylvania Summit will feature a ground-breaking pre-summit workshop highlighting Culture & Cognition: strategies to unravel how children receive, process, and transform information creatively, using technology. Educators will share in thought-provoking and very practical exchanges designed to increase their impact when teaching in front of K-12 urban classrooms.

Creative Tech Works

Most people learn best by doing. What we do becomes a memory, and when it’s repeated enough times it becomes something you do it without thinking about it, like riding a bike, or playing a video game, or solving a problem. We are all apprentices, learning something new every day but what makes us the best at it is when we stick to it until we master it. That’s what we do here in Creative Tech Works Design Studio – The “CTW” –work with technology until we master it. CreativeTech Works Design Studio provides students ages 14-21 with a cognitive apprenticeship in STEM – so their memories for problem-solving become embedded and their confidence as experts begins to take hold. We use a design based thinking in a fun, highly interactive community- based maker space. It’s a place that encourages accelerated knowledge and attitudes to effectively apply STEM concepts, not just play at it. The first year of the program culminated with the students developing an “Amazing Race” event. Where they built a race-tracking app using wearable tech, as well as developing the marketing and promotion around the event.

Growing up in North Philadelphia I never forgot the impact that active and passive mentors in my community had on my development and my love of art and history.
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