Our new FLEX ACCOUNTS are custom made for emerging entrepreneurs who seek high quality design but at a rate they can afford while also having a design professional available to them along the way for feedback and advice.

OUR FLEX ACCOUNTS offer amazing benefits to new business owners.

We offer Subscription Based Pricing – What that means is instead of paying the traditional 50% upfront cost for your project we work with you to craft a monthly schedule. This allows you to take the time needed to complete your project carefully and comprehensively and manage project cost over the length of the project.

We offer Marketing Strategy Consultation and Coaching – We work with you to craft a Branding and Marketing Strategy to insure that your project has the optimal chance for success. We’ll set up a Video Meeting Schedule with one of our creative professionals according to your schedule and availability.

It’s very important that we issue Clear and Simple Proposals and Contracts to insure that there is no confusion about how your project will be implemented.


My name is Anthony Tyrone Howard and I’ve been creating visual art & creative Technology for two decades. I’m dedicated to solving business and creative problems using a combination of digital and traditional tools. I’m a visual problem-solver, business designer, and creative technologist. I help companies and organizations transform their ideas into influential products and services. I have years of diverse experience. I started my career as a Flash animator but over the past 20 years, I’ve worked within the realms of online education, commercial advertising, branding design, interactive development, pharmaceutical marketing, STEM program development, graphic novel illustration, and game design.

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