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FRSHWV (FreshWave) Teen Music and Technology Festival


The FRSHWV(FRESH WAVE) Teen Music and Tech Festival was created in partnership with Jr Music Execs. The goal of the festival is to bring artists, innovators and business leaders together to share ideas, knowledge, and resources to encourage creative and professional growth.

The FRSHWVTM festival will bring young creators, engineers, artists, and thinkers into the same room with thought leaders and those excelling at merging technology, business savvy, and hard work to create opportunities for themselves and their communities. Our talks and workshops are geared to closing the gap in knowledge for young creators. Our upcoming and future programs are designed with the working artist in mind by covering content relevant to the intersection of music and technology.

project goal

Develop creative educational opportunities for a new generation of innovators

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Before the Logo, we spent a lot of time figuring out what the actual name of the event should be. A lot of embarrassing names came out of our team brainstorming sessions but we all decided that FRESHWAVE was the theme that we were going after. As in a fresh wave a creative talent that we seek to create a platform for. The letters were concatenated for two reasons. One, to make it more social media friendly and to invoke the wave with the italic font and how the "WV" terminates to resemble a waveform.

The FRSHWV Website

It was important to create a simple website that would quickly funnel the end-user to support the festival by way of ticket sales and/or volunteerism.

FRSHWVTM takes place in Philadelphia during Philly Tech Week, a festival celebrating technology and innovation. Philadelphia is known around the world for its extraordinarily rich music history.

Theme – Music science and business art.
Tagline – The Science of Music. The Art of Business.
Time and Date – SUNDAY – May 3, 2020 (Time TBD)
Location The Pennovation Center 3401 Grays Ferry Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19146

Setting the stage for a new generation of creative innovators 

Our primary target is the teen themselves. The ideal target will already be enrolled in a music or business program at their school, has an entrepreneurial spirit and highly motivated. Rather than target students broadly we will specifically attempt to connect with youth who are already pursuing a path of music-related business or technology. We should target existing STEM programs as well as scoping and attracting students from other Philly Tech Week events.


FRSHWV 2019 Preview Event

Emerging and established artists shared the stage using technology to amplify their message. Students were able to see behind the scenes at our free expo with giveaways and new product demos. Connect with artists and execs that have successfully released albums, put together shows, and produced festivals. Interactive workshops, talks, and networking space that align with student’s interests.

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