Hopalong Camanshii Returns

Hopalong Camanshii Returns

After taking a looong hiatus since issue 1 I was blessed with some extra time (thanks to Covid-19) to rediscover the story as a older and hopefully wiser man.

Visit here for a full breakdown about the project.

Initially I was planning to release a series of 26-page graphic novels released via Amazon but the demands of being a full-time freelancer made that more and more difficult to the point that I had put the project on a hold indefinitely.

The benefits of transitioning to a Webcomic format

I decided that instead of waiting to get thru 26-pages I could work on a page at a time and release each as I go. The benefit of this is that I can work on the story more closely and carefully since I was giving maximum concentration to each page and be able to modify the story multiple time until I eventually collect the chapter for publication.

Take a look at the process from pencil to full color and lettering.

My name is Anthony Tyrone Howard and I’ve been creating visual art & creative Technology for two decades. I’m dedicated to solving business and creative problems using a combination of digital and traditional tools. I’m a visual problem-solver, business designer, and creative technologist. I help companies and organizations transform their ideas into influential products and services. I have years of diverse experience. I started my career as a Flash animator but over the past 20 years, I’ve worked within the realms of online education, commercial advertising, branding design, interactive development, pharmaceutical marketing, STEM program development, graphic novel illustration, and game design.

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